Kratom trees are widely grown in South East Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. The leaves of the tree have been used in various traditional practices in the native countries for centuries. The consumption of the Kratom leaves makes the person more energetic to carry on with the stressful works.

There are variations in Kratom leaves as they appear in colors like White, Green and Red, out of which the Red Kratom leaves are stronger and has the most effective impact on humans. The Red Kratom leaves are generally found at the topmost portion of the tree therefore it receives most of the sunlight.

Red Malay Kratom leaves are the ones which grow in Malaysia, as the name ‘Malay’ suggests. Growers of such tress plant them in large quantities, harvest the leaves and crush them to send them to distributers who eventually process the crushed leaves into fine powder and then are sold in the market either in the same form or in other forms like capsules, cigarettes, etc.

People consume it in various ways like directly chewing the leaves, blending it in juice, having it like medicines in the form of capsules or even smoking it in the form of cigarettes. Although it is used as a puff, it should not be mistaken for marijuana kind of stuff!

Red Malay Kratom Effects

Red Vein Malay Kratom has effective medicinal qualities which could be traced well from past few centuries. Red Malay Kratom leaves are usually dried for longer duration than that of Green and White. Also, as mentioned earlier about the sunlight being captured more by the red ones, it straight away makes it more influential and stronger in its functioning abilities.

Some of the vital roles played by Red Vein Malay include the following: –

  • It is widely used to treat chronic pains in human body. It helps reduce the pain dramatically on consuming the right quantity of it.
  • It is sedative in nature, therefore helps to induce proper sleep.
  • It is also utilized for causing calmness in the mind and body.
  • It helps regulating stress levels in the body.
  • It makes the person elated as it is euphoric in nature. The person begins to enjoy his life more forgetting all his woes and worries.
  • It also makes the person able to focus more in his works, by increasing his levels of concentration in his work.

Therefore it could be said that Red Malay Kratom might seem to be a savior to many of us by saving us from all the barriers which restrict us to work upto our full level of potential and achieving happiness and success in life!

Red Malay Kratom Dosage

As mentioned earlier, there are various methods or modes of consuming Malay Red Vein Kratom. Among all those, most effectives modes are either to swallow directly with water or garbing it in the form of capsules. Though Red Malay Kratom is way safer than other kratoms, still precaution should be taken while consuming it, i.e. one should not get addicted from vigorous use of it. Such use might lessen the positive effect of the Red Malay. Since overuse of any drug or medicine always proves to harmful, so is the case with Red Kratom too. Therefore, certain dosage should be followed while consuming the Kratom:

  • For first time consumers, it is generally advised to have 2 to 4 grams of Kratom.
  • Few might experience the sensation of nausea and discomfort but there is nothing to worry about since it is quite normal after the first dose.
  • If one feels that the prescribed dosage for the initial users is not sufficient as it does not make any difference, then the dosage could be increased to two more grams, but not more than that.
  • One must give some time for the Malay Red Vein to start its work.

Consumption of Malay Red Kratom must be carried out as prescribed otherwise it might backfire by making the user addicted to it.

Where to buy Red Malay Kratom

One must be very careful while purchasing Kratom Red Vein Malay especially the source where it is available in its purest form. Since there exists various fraudulent practices in the market, so it is vital to choose the right source to obtain such products. Instead of going to small shops, it is always advisable to opt for some good and trustworthy vendors in this channel. Some of the most widely operative and reliable vendor channels are: –

  • BKN Kratom
  • PurKratom
  • The Ever-Green Tree
  • Kratom Spot


Red Malay Kratom is a wonderful solution to get rid of chronic pains in the body, to reduce stress levels, to boost up energy and fill our minds with euphoria in order to enjoy each and every moment of our lives.

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