What is Yellow Sumatra Kratom

Yellow Sumatra Kratom is a Yellow Veined strain. It is originated from the tropical Indonesian Island Sumatra which is one of the biggest islands.

It has an exceptionally soothing and relaxing aroma that gives instant energy. It contains the most powerful properties. It is perfect for those who suffer from anxiety, sleeping disorders. It has been gaining so much popularity in the Kratom community. People chew it by acquiring great benefits.

Types of Kratom:

Kratoms are classified into three main types. They are Red Vein, White Vein, and Green Vein. The origin of Yellow Vein Kratom is due to the drying process of green Veins.

These greens can eventually become Yellow Vein Kratoms by drying them. After 15-20 days of oxidation, the leaves colour turns to Yellow. To get a bright Yellow colour of leaves more green leaves should be used in this process.

Thereby the colour of Kratom leaves gets changed and also the properties. Then these leaves are finely powdered.

Yellow Sumatra Kratom Benefits and Effects

Based on the reviews and effects of the product these are the common points to know before you enjoy the product. Yellow Vein Sumatra Kratom has a slow effect at first and gradually gets stronger by being used.

  1. Pain relief: Sumatra Yellow Vein Kratom gives much relief from temporary aches and pain.
  2. Stress relief: If you are facing a lot of stress and anxiety issues, it can give you a boost throughout the day.
  3. Better mood: Yellow Sumatra has a great mood-enhancing quality as they give you a positive mood for the rest of the day.
  4. Quality sleep: Kratom Yellow Sumatra has sedative properties which makes you sleep better and gives you deep sleep.
  5. Deep relaxation: The soothing aroma gives you a great experience of calming effect on nerves which relaxes your mind and body.
  6. The positive interpretation of the environment: The pleasant fragrance reduces your anger due to work stress and gives a positive interpretation depending on the environment.
  7. Spontaneous energy: Sumatra Yellow Vein not only lifts your mood but also boots your energy spontaneously.
  8. Anxiety relief: Yellow Sumatra Kratom lowers the level of anxiety by balancing stress in the body.

Yellow Sumatra Kratom Dosage

The dosage depends on the freshness of the product. As everybody is different it all comes to the experimentation of how your body reacts for the dose. It can also cause a burning sensation if not taken in moderation. So, wait until how your body reacts by taking a moderate dosage.

  1. As the Kratom is a plant its effects and dosage vary from person to person. Start with a lower dosage. It is best when you are taking it for the first time.
  2. Lower dosage usually varies from 1-3 grams. You need to wait for half an hour for the dose to go through your body. It can last up to 3 hours after dosage.
  3. You can usually increase to 5-6 grams to get a nice feeling. This can last up to 4-6 hours.
  4. It is great to consume at the beginning of the day as it gives you a positive mood for the rest of the day. For better sleep patterns it is beneficial to consume hours before going to bed.

Side effects of Yellow Sumatra Kratom

Though a newly used consumer may face some dizziness and numbness of tongue it goes away with time. It does not have any other side effects if used in a lower dosage.

You see only the benefits increasing gradually with time when used with the recommended dosage. As it is a plant make sure to understand its reaction to your body.

Yellow Sumatra Kratom User Reviews

  1. Users find Sumatra Yellow Kratom more effective than green and red strains.
  2. They find it is great for anxiety with higher doses of sleep.
  3. It helps to feel balanced emotionally and gives energy.
  4. They also find it as great pain relief and mood boost throughout the day.
  5. It is very good taking away pain and relaxing the body.

These are some customer reviews from shopping sites.

Yellow Sumatra Kratom vs Red Kali Kratom:

  1. Unlike Kratom Yellow Vein Sumatra, Red kali Kratom provides aroma up to nine hours which is longer than the Yellow Vein. It has the longer duration compared to others.
  2. Red kali Kratom has a higher range of pain relief than that of the Yellow Vein, though Yellow Vein offers moderate relief.
  3. Dosage of Red kali Kratom should not be greater than 6g unless you are expecting full strong effects, whereas Yellow Vein can be taken 5-6 grams.
  4. Red kali Kratom reduces pain and gives relaxation whereas Yellow Vein Sumatra has calming and soothing effects.
  5. Taking this several hours before gives at least 7 hours of quality sleep every night.

Yellow Sumatra Kratom alternatives:

If you want more energizing effects than a Yellow Sumatra Kratom dosage there are alternatives. Yellow gold and Yellow Vietnam are more suitable for benefits.

Yellow Borneo and Yellow Thai are good at mood enhancement. It is worth trying once at least once for the best benefits. It is a rare but in-demand variant.


Try ordering samples first to know which kind of Kratom works best for you. There is a lot of variety in the online websites to give a try.

Our lifestyle these days is much of stress and anxiety. Several factors affect our daily life these days due to busy schedules. To eliminate these factors Kratoms help a lot by overcoming them. These are best for the work stress we experience and waking up in the middle of the night which occurs as sleep disorders. For stress and sleep disorders order Kratom Yellow Sumatra and enjoy a full night sleep.

It is worth trying if you have not given a try. Purchase the product from a certified website for better results.

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